Bolsa de Valores de Lima


Lima Stock Exchange

The Lima Stock Exchange is the Peruvian stock exchange, specializing in trade of financial instruments, as well as educational and training services for students and financial specialists.

We are constantly looking for new technologies that optimize our customer relations and processes. We are very happy with the solution and are confident it will greatly help our internal and external customers.

Miguel Ángel Zapatero, Business Development Manager

The Challenge

Lima Stock Exchange commercial department needed to consolidate their accounts data, scattered through many spreadsheets and legacy systems, as well as optimize their commercial processes utilizing a centralized, cloud-based CRM solution with marketing capabilities. They were looking for a tool that would allow scalability and easy user adoption.

The Solution

  • InterConnecta's certified CRM consultants helped the Lima Stock Exchange management team select the best option for a cloud based CRM solution. Also, helped them determine the different processes to integrate within the CRM platform, essentially between the marketing, sales and support teams.
  • During the implementation, both teams worked together to identify bottlenecks in their processes and create workflow automation within the CRM platform in order to optimize.
  • Personalized user guides for the different roles, combined with in-house training sessions, and hands-on CRM platform with real world scenarios, helped the different teams to easily adopt the tool to their daily activities.

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