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Adelante is a Hispanic multiservice community resource organization provider of vital services to community seniors, youth, and persons with special needs. Their services include housing case management and counseling services, nutrition programs for the elderly, educational and career counseling, among others.

The Challenge

Adelante needed to digitize their current manual Intake format and create web based Intake portal in order to create a centralized database / CRM system. The new format would allow Adelante to collect real time constituent data collected via Intakes and touches by Adelante.

Initial Scope –

  • Forms to be digitized / online accessibility
  • Adelante Intake Form
  • Department of Labor service sheet
  • Family Services/ Food Pantry
  • Senior Program – Nutrition

The Solution

InterConnecta created a one to one connection between the Intake or program data gathered and the CRM. The data was used to provide real time overview regarding Adelante member needs and the current and future needs regarding housing, health, education and training needs.

CRM Modules:

  • Home – Overview of recent intakes and activities
  • Touches – Donors, Volunteers, Followers (not receiving services)
  • Member- Current registered member receiving Adelante services
  • Family – Family record with all associated family members of services
  • Activities – Task assignments ( inter-office) , Appointments, Call Logs
  • Programs – Listing of all programs, costs, status and community impact
  • Reports- Out of the box as well as custom report / custom create capability
  • Dashboards- Graphical outlay of Reports
  • Properties – ( custom module for management / overview of all Adelante housing units)
  • Documents – Central repository for all program documentation / collateral

The Results

All reports describing regional trends in labor needs, skills requirements, community housing and such is delivered in real time via a graphical dashboard by InterConnecta to Adelante via the CRM. All reports can be easily downloaded in excel or csv.

The data delivered describes areas such as those deemed necessary by Adelante for their time based reporting. This data assists in understanding the audience and thereby allowing for personalization during the planning and execution phase of Adelante programs and services to the community.

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