Simplifying operations, shortening sales cycles.

For decades, InterConnecta has focused on utilizing the latest advancements in CRM, Marketing, and Automation to simplify how you communicate with potential customers and achieve more deals.

Our Offices

New York

New York

Experience is the mother of all knowledge

Our story actually began in Nagoya, Japan, back in 1999. Our founder Luis Gonzalez had just completed a complex import/export transaction using a first-generation EDI (electronic data interchange) system between Mexico, USA, and Japan, reducing to a matter of minutes a process that normally would have taken days of phone calls and faxes. It was our "Aha moment". Our awareness was captured, the love for simplicity certified, and our creed for development born: Simplifying operations, shortening sales cycles.

Upon returning to the United States in 2000, our focus moved towards reducing sales cycles through Sales Lead Development. We assembled and managed teams of inside sales callers focused on simplifying tech-centered sales with long cycles. Complex sales processes that required multiple meetings and demos /proof of concept. Our client base in this service area included companies such as IBM, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, Fluke and EMC. Our exposure and experience using so many best-of-breed ERP and CRM systems became abundant. We' learned and still manage multiple sales best practice formats (BANT, MEDDIC) for some of the world’s largest and fastest companies.

2005 Our Diversification/Pivot

It became more and more apparent that the secret to shortening sales cycles was maintaining timely communication and data exchange between the sales rep and the potential customer. Our exposure to Oracle / Siebel,, Zoho, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot and others provided the experience necessary to become certified in administaring today’s best connected CRM (customer relationship management) platforms.

In 2008 the midst of gloabal market meltdowns and financial chaos, we doubled down and opened our first offshore office in Lima, Peru with a focus on CRM development and “Inter-connecting” multiple systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and 3rd-party systems: InterConnecta was officially branded.

In 2009 we moved our USA office directly into the NY1 Webair Datacenter. Having our presence in a global TierIII security datacenter allowing us the ability to assure our customers data security needs HIPAA, GDPR, Disaster recovery, PCI is met.

After several market downturn survivals, and adaptations to the ever changing technology marketplace; Today InterConnecta is comprised of some of the most insightful business operations talent in technology in the America’s following the same simple vision:

Simplifying operations, shortening sales cycles.

2171 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 110
Commack, NY 11725
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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Where Latin America and Mainland USA meet

What many people don’t realize is that Puerto Rico has been focused on the development of a Technology industry for the last several years. Faced with the need to create new industries to offset their financial turmoils, Puerto Rico has created a fast paced, well connected fiber optical based technology network that has attracted the likes of companies such as Google, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Boeing, and of course InterConnecta.

The high level of bilingual speakers allows us to address CRM and other technology support issues in English or Spanish. This allows us to provide one central location for support for both USA and Latin American customers while housing our team in one location and allowing for a shared knowledge-base environment.

Engrained with the same office culture as our New York and Lima office, our teams are trained and Certified so as to provide impeccable, immediate support for our “partners” via InterConnectas CRM Support Link. Our customized DESK applications allow us to immediately identify our partner, their problem and our workflows re-direct immediately to both program managers and support specialists to assure the problem is triaged and resolved as quickly as possible.

And since we are surrounded by Palm Trees, Caribbean sailing Winds and Turquoise waters.. this office always seems to be in a good mood.

53 Palmeras St., 6th Floor
San Juan, PR 00901
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Lima, Perú


The heart of InterConnecta’s Americas expansion

Led by veteran Sales and Technology specialists... Peru is at the heart of InterConnecta’s America’s expansion providing solutions to some of the regions largest and most respectable companies such as Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Seguros Bancas y Seguros plus many more.

In 2008, in the midst of market meltdowns and global financial chaos, we doubled down and opened our first offshore office in Lima, Peru with a focus on CRM development and “Inter-connecting” of multiple systems such as CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP and 3rd-party systems: InterConnecta was officially branded.

In 2013 InterConnecta Peru was accepted and graduated from the Founders Institute Accelerator / technology Incubator program In Santiago, Chile. Over the next few years we continued to win awards and be included in top country listings such as being ranked #3 in Peru Technology Start-up environment and became recognized as one of the leading partners in CRM development by companies such as Zoho CRM.

Housed in the famed Miraflores district of Lima, InterConnecta continues to drive CRM and technology innovation and is forecasted to do so for years to come.

Our certified developer program has trained some of the industries best CRM support specialists in the America’s and keeps us up to date on the latest modules, features and functions in the CRM space.

169 Bajada Balta St., Suite 1201
Miraflores, Lima
Perú (View Map)

Our Story

InterConnecta was born with the knowledge and experience of managing International Sales Operations and the complexities of multi-staged enterprise level B2B sales.

Forged in the halls and conference rooms of enterprise Blue Chip as well as fast paced start-ups; our team is seasoned and experienced with best practices per industry and marketplace.

Our Team

We are an odd bunch of well-traveled free thinkers with a passion for teamwork and development. We challenge ourselves to always be up-to-date with the latest certifications and technologies; and focus on creating lasting partnerships with our customers based on proven results and open accountability.

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