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Creativity and Innovation

Many times, when developing a project, we observe that a client wants something but does not know how to achieve it. That's why you can count on our development team, creative enough to interpret your needs and propose creative solutions with the available resources.

CRM Scanning

With real-time CRM synchronization, you can easily scan objects or modules of your CRM platform and create easy forms for your users to feed data in real time. Your users can also view, edit, and delete their own records directly from InterConnecta's PRM.

Strategic Approach

Our SLD allowed us to set a strategic framework to help your pipeline grow and increase your sales opportunities.

A Choreography

We are the connection between your marketing and sales teams, unifying your organization's marketing and sales efforts so your sales force does not waste their valuable time.

Zoho Advanced Partner

Customers use Zoho Applications to run business processes, manage information easily and be more productive while at the office or on the go.


Cloud Solution for Healthcare Clinics

With more than 70,000 surgeries since its establishment, Manhattan LASIK needed to simplify and automate their patient admission process.

Custom Solution

CRM Solutions for Higher Education

Improve management, streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance revenue generation activities.