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We start by assigning our own internal experts to start hunting for sales opportunities and learn the requirements and talent needed for the project ahead. Our team members have extensive expertise in their relative areas and stand ready to handle whatever you can throw at them immediately with efficiency and professionalism.

Once they learn your product and market you can choose to have them build a full-time or simple one-off project virtual team. This way, you get all the benefits of a qualified, dedicated working group without having to handle any of the related HR issues or overhead expenses.

InterConnecta strives to provide exclusive access to the best sales and marketing talent with a proven track record and focus on technology.

Are your Key Applications synched with each other? Application Programming Interface (API) allows programs to connect and communicate with other programs. InterConnecta Helps by creating and implementing API’s into your programs to communicate and exchange digital information with the programs you already have.


How our process

How our process

How our process

Do you use independent sales teams, brokers, VARs or Partners to Sell?

InterConnecta PRM is a simple and secure Partner Relationship Management solution that accelerates your indirect partner sales.
Simplify deal management and make things easier for your partners.
InterConnecta PRM simplifies all aspects of managing indirect channels, with important tools such as:

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