A Sales Analyst’s primary function is to conduct research and develop lead opportunities for our client’s services or solutions over the phone both in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. An analyst is responsible for documenting this information and completing accurate, clear, concise reports for our clients.

    • Collect the names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, email within selected LOB and IT areas.


    • Conduct primary research through interviews with appropriate decision makers.


    • Identify key decision makers within targeted accounts.


    • Engage decision makers on the phone to discuss their business pains.


    • Conduct peer-to-peer conversations with senior executives, multiple individuals in each target company to gain a cross-functional view of the enterprise and its purchasing behavior.


    • Develop lead opportunities by qualifying accounts and collecting information that includes business pains and data such as timelines, project teams, budget and competitive information.


    • Provide well-written reports using MarketOne’s writing conventions.  Reports should utilize formal business-style writing and proper grammar.  Reports should have an appropriate flow and provide a good synthesis and analysis of each decision-makers point-of-view.


    • Review opportunities to ensure quality of the data and compliance with MarketOne report writing standards.


    • Manage databases by appropriately completing the various components defined by the Program Manager.


    • Participate in conference calls with Clients to articulate various trends in the market and further outline lead opportunities.


    • Manage goals and objectives of multiple projects at the same time.


    • Responsible for other task and duties as requested.


    • Proficiency in CRM such as is preferred though not a requirement.


 We apply the latest marketing automation technology and data-driven insight to enable more relevant digital communications and timely, informed phone calls. By interweaving digital and human conversations into a single, ongoing dialogue, we help prospects to discover and evaluate our clients’ products and services.

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