Top 5 Social Media Sites for Your Business

By Claudia Rios, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

There are many social media sites that can help any business, but which one should be a priority or focus for your business and why would your business want to use them?

Depending on your industry, some sites may work for you better than others. Back then the yellow pages did the job… now people use popular media sites to navigate home, find a restaurant or simply read the news.

Here are My Top 5 Social Media Sites any or all Businesses Should Use

1) Facebook (900 million users)

Facebook users can join networks organized by city, workplace, favorites and regions. People can add friends and family, which allows them to never lose contact. (without the use of a phone call) With just a simple “Like” Facebook helps your business grow. Facebook allows you to post images, comments, opinions and has a “sharing” option which allows you to connect with more users.

2) Google Plus (340 million users)

Google Plus is the second largest social network. It is very much like Facebook, but has differences. It is great for connecting with people based on interests and topics outside of friends or family. Because of things like “Communities”, “Hash tags” and “Hangouts” it allows you to target people who have expressed interest in learning about your industry and business.

3) Twitter (280 million users)

Twitter allows you to network and even connect with celebrities, brands and topics. Twitter also allows you to follow people and their tweets (usually celebrities or businesses). “Real life friends” might be here, but probably not too many. Twitter allows you to Re-tweet topics or comments that interest you, there are roughly four hundred million tweets sent per day.

4) Linked In (175 million users)

Linked in is your personal online resume. It allows you to list your previous work history, skills and talents and most importantly allows you to receive recommendations from previous people you have worked with. Many people use Linked In as a Social CRM.(Customer Relationship Manager) Just like many other Social Media websites, Linked In has a Status Update that allows you to drive traffic to your website.

5) Pinterest (25 million users)

Pinterest is a social sharing platform which allows you to “Pin” images to your own personal virtual board. People then are able to pin your pins onto their own boards, etc. Pins are clickable back to the original website and this allows traffic for your site. Pinterest is very similar to Instagram and shows the behind the scene views and contests. With Pinterest you are able to create unlimited boards to highlight all the unique parts of your company.

Social Media is becoming popular where customers are turning for information about brands in the marketplace, businesses, or for plain communication and even information about you. It doesn’t matter how you use these sites, whether its to help improve traffic or attention for your business, what matters is that you use it daily.

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