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MarTech is an annual international conference for professionals who are both marketing- and tech-savvy: marketing technologists, creative technologists, growth hackers, data scientists, and digital strategists.

MarTech offers a cross-pollinating experience that transcends the traditional boundaries between marketing and IT, and encourages creative collaboration across the organization.

Here is a round-up of headlines from the 2016 MarTech Conference in San Francisco, California:

Brightcove expands integrations

Brightcove announced that it has further expanded its industry-leading video ecosystem with enhanced Video Cloud integrations to content management systems (CMS) relied upon by media companies, marketers, and enterprises.

Using Brightcove’s updated integrations for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Drupal, and WordPress, organizations are able to tie video content into existing publishing workflows, streamline collaboration between content owners, content contributors, and web publishers, and accelerate time-to-live. These integrations also incorporate Brightcove’s latest CMS APIs for easy customization by developers, and support the Brightcove Player Version 5 to deliver a responsive, HTML5 experience. 

ConceptShare relaunches content asset tool

ConceptShare relaunched Proofing Workspace as part of their Spring 2016 release at Martech 2016. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the new Proofing Workspace delivers an incredibly fast, intuitive, and simply delightful experience for Reviewers – accelerating review & approval cycle times so that creative and marketing teams can meet and beat deadlines, and deliver more assets faster. 

Demandbase B2B lead generation

Demandbase announced a partnership with Integrate that will deliver a first-to-market feature that enables B2B marketers to generate leads from decision makers at companies that are demonstrating high engagement on a client’s website. With this technology marketers are able to better advertise to the right decision makers and ultimately prove the ROI on their ABM campaigns. 

Invoca integrates with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Invoca, the call intelligence company, announced Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud, the first platform to allow enterprise marketers to manage both online digital and offline phone interactions, all inside the Adobe Marketing Cloud. With this new solution, Invoca bridges the online and offline gap by delivering enterprise call analytics and automation across Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Media Optimizer and Adobe Target for complete customer insights and a personalized experience across all channels and device types. 

“Today’s customer journey has become more elaborate than ever — extending across channels and devices. Digital interactions will drive over 100 billion phone calls to businesses this year, so bringing these conversations into the marketer’s purview has never been more important,” said Kyle Christensen, VP of marketing, Invoca. “Invoca for Adobe Marketing Cloud finally allows enterprise marketers to treat calls like clicks, and to deliver a truly personalized and automated omnichannel experience.” 

NetElixir SEM tool

NetElixir Launched LXRGUIDE, A Virtual Paid Search Advisor – powerful paid search recommendation engine helps SMBs optimize SEM campaigns Search marketing company NetElixir has developed a powerful paid search recommendation engine that simplifies the process of optimizing Google AdWords campaigns. LXRGUIDE is a virtual paid search advisor designed to help small and medium size businesses improve their search marketing efforts through customized recommendations that lift campaign performance.

Web-based LXRGUIDE integrates directly with Google AdWords and conducts analysis based on budget and KPI metrics such as ROI (Revenue/Ad Spend) and CPO (Cost Per Order). Machine intelligence runs reports for revenue, spend and runrate and gives targeted keyword-level recommendations based on real-time analysis. The recommendations can be directly posted to Google Adwords. For improved productivity, LXRGUIDE allows for bulk uploads to Google AdWords using its adwords editor tool.

“Search continues to be one of the primary ways customers find what they need, yet for many small and medium sized businesses, the practice remains a black box. With LXRGUIDE, we aim to take the mystery out of search and put it within reach,” said Udayan Bose, CEO of NetElixir. “By streamlining the PPC management process, we are giving SMBs the ability to implement smarter, data-driven decisions to their campaigns in a matter of minutes and peace of mind that they are using Google AdWords to their full advantage.”

UserMind launches new customer journey automation platform

Usermind, builder of an orchestration hub for business operations (BizOps) teams, introduced the first customer journey automation platform that helps companies define and automate all phases of their customer lifecycles to improve revenue, retention and profitability.

Built for the nontechnical user, Usermind makes it simple to integrate marketing, sales, operations, customer success and finance applications, map data between them, automate end-to-end processes, measure the impact of processes on business outcomes, and take instant action to improve them.

YesPath released Account Based Marketing automation

YesPath, the company dedicated to empowering B2B marketers, announces the release of YesPath ABM. YesPath ABM is a platform that helps marketing and sales teams automate the strategic process of Account Based Marketing (ABM). ABM is recognized as the most effective approach to B2B marketing, but historically, marketers have struggled to scale it beyond a few accounts.


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