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IT Purchase initiatives
In last months IT Purchase initiatives we reviewed how the leaders of your prospects enterprise IT groups come together with the business leaders of the corporation to reach a mutual understanding of business priorities. This starts the overall articulation of the IT purchase and build strategy.

How Are IT Purchase Initiatives Prioritized?

In this second stage, conducted largely by the CIO and the rest of the IT team, the functional IT purchase strategy is created. Priorities are assesed,  the gaps between current services and goals are reviewed, and the estimate,  benefits and costs for closing each of these gaps is determined.

During this time prospect enterprise accounts are reviewing and assessing their  IT portfolio, including every project for which you want to be involved  in  the current and next fiscal year.   Ranking is based normally on two criteria. The first criterion, based on stage one, is strategic importance: the extent to which these investments will be needed for the company’s distinctive capabilities.  Focus is placed on their relevance to the entire company, not to individual business units, products, or services.

The second criterion is value potential.  Prospect normally  assess each project’s anticipated return on investment, either through improved performance and reduced cost or through the value gained in fulfilling a strategic purpose. Given the pressure on capital, you will consider whether these investments are “self-funding”; in other words, whether they lead to near-term cash savings, to growth that covers the costs of the information technology investment, or to both. You don’t need to be aware of  All projects at prospect sites , but you do need enough detail to provide the most congruent sales presentation possible helping the prospect make  a cogent decisions about their IT  investment.

Simple cold calling will not help you determine when executives will be meeting on IT project reviews.  Interviewing just one prospect, within one line of business will not provide a holistic view of the “inner decision making strategies” currently being discussed or planned within a Key Prospect Account.   A  long term, steady. Tele based lead profiling campaign, interviewing executives periodically, maintaining detailed notes history in the CRM, combined with drip nurturing marketing campaigns is a proven method  help you get to the negotiation table.

InterConnecta provides access to experienced Enterprise IT Sales analyst with an average of 10 years of business experience. The team is trained in your solutions, and tasked with profiling key target accounts selected by you; with the ultimate goal of providing you insight as to the key target accounts, current and future IT project schedules, and potential purchases.

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