Zoho CRM for Gmail & Inbox – A Chrome Extension To Make Your Sales Tasks Easier

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  Email is the most essential part of your work life. Especially for your sales team, since each new inquiry means a new business opportunity.  According to a report by Radicati Group, almost 2.4 million emails are sent every second. One can only imagine how many emails we personally end up sending or receiving every day. For a business trying to keep up  Read more

Zoho Desk — The Industry’s First Context-Aware Help Desk Software

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  Get to know more about Zoho Desk, the first context-aware customer support software that presents customer issues against the broader context of their prior activities and interactions.  Almost twenty years ago, Zoho started out as a company that built software for modems and routers. Our customers were network engineers with deep technical knowledge who rarely  Read more

Activities Analytics for Zoho CRM using Zoho Reports

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    Keeping track of activities handled by sales reps—the tasks, events, and calls made to prospects—is a crucial aspect of CRM. Every phone conversation, email, and other pre- and post-sale communication is logged in the activities module of the software. Sales managers and sales reps need insight on activities taking place as a part  Read more

Announcing Zoho SalesInbox for Salesforce

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Salespeople’s daily lives revolve around two apps: email and CRM. They use email for communicating internally and, most importantly, with prospects and customers. They use CRM for tracking their pipeline, managing contact information, forecasting and prioritizing their activities. Since email and CRM are indispensable for every salesperson, doesn’t it make sense for both these tools to work together? It’s  Read more

SalesInbox: The new email plugin from Zoho for Salesforce

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Zoho SalesInbox uses customer data in Salesforce Sales Cloud to automatically prioritize customer conversations Image: Zoho SalesInbox Enterprise software company, Zoho, has launched Zoho SalesInbox, an email plugin for Salesforce, designed for salespeople that works with Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, Zoho Mail and other standard email services. SalesInbox uses customer data in Salesforce Sales Cloud to automatically prioritize  Read more

The Operating System for Business Makes a Giant Leap With Zoho One

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One Integrated Suite for Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Accounting, HR, Productivity, Collaboration, and Business Intelligence Applications Zoho today introduced Zoho One, an all-in-one suite of applications to run an entire business—across every function and organizational group. Zoho One includes more than 35 integrated web applications and an equal number of mobile apps—under a single sign-on  Read more

Why Your CRM Should be Fully Integrated?

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Having a good CRM system means it should include all costumer lifecycle, form end to end. It should be the hub of all costumer activity across all platforms and channels: project and inventory management, survey responses, email, telephony, etc. Using  one or more external applications can “bring about a downright tsunami”. Centralizing all the information of  Read more

Bpeace: InterConnecta Sharing Skill and Knowledge


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Generating jobs has proven to help prevent the recurrence of violence in some communities. – Why? – Because job creation has a strong multiplier effect that sustains families and boosts local purchasing power, which in turn lifts other businesses, creates even more employment and accelerates the community up the path to prosperity and less violence. Bpeace has  Read more