What’s in Your Sales Stack?


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SMB teams are finally able to leverage the same level of technology as large enterprise sized company’s. Amazing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sales apps are coming to market at a rapid pace and they’re affordable. These focused apps are leveling the playing field between the enterprise sales engines and the little startup, and unlike your traditional sales  Read more

Interconnecta is Featured in LISA Awards for Excellence in Software Solutions

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Garden City, New York – October 8, 2015 – Long Island Software Awards (LISA) is the biggest Technology Event of the year in Long Island. The event honors Long Island Technology executives, the people that run the companies and organizations that make Long Island one of the leaders in Technology. It’s the Long Island Tech  Read more

24 Months to Get the Startup Going

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  Posted by David Cummings on David Cummings on Startups When first-time entrepreneurs set out on a new startup, there’s a desire for immediate results and expectations for quick success. Only after a few set-backs – everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much – does reality start to take hold. Then, it  Read more

Improving Your Marketing Campaign

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Creating awareness for your brand and products is one of the lifebloods of technology startups yet in a world where so many companies are being created it becomes difficult to rise above the noise. Ever notice how some companies tend to be in the press all the time and your big new product launch struggles  Read more

Blueseed: New Startup Could Sail Past Immigration Law

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A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is trying to make it easier for its foreign counterparts to make and maintain business connections through an innovative end-run around U.S. immigration law: Putting them up for months at a time in a floating “Googleplex” that anchors in international waters — but is close enough for them to  Read more

Top 5 Positions For Startup and Where to Find Them

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BY:  JON BISCHKE  ~ It’s the New Year, which means setting new goals. For many startups, that means developing a new hiring plan. While the larger economy continues to mosey along, there’s high demand for a select group of individuals with skills that startups are looking for. We speak with hundreds of startups and recruiters  Read more

10 Actions to Keep Investors Hovering

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By:  Martin Zwilling  ~ Every new startup I know dreams of being funded early by one of the 318,000 active Angel investors in the USA alone. But many entrepreneurs don’t realize that Angels are also extremely discerning in the projects that they will invest in, rejecting approximately 97% of the proposals submitted to them, according to the California  Read more

Long Island Tech Accelerator Chooses InterConnecta, Two Others

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By:  Lisa Du  ~ Long Island‘s first program to help guide and develop start-up companies is launching with its initial cohort of participants. The initiative, LI Tech COMETS, on Thursday named Mobitrons, Clerk 123 and InterConnecta as the first three companies to participate in the accelerator program, which aims to nurture local early-stage companies. The  Read more

8 Reasons Startups With Good Ideas Fail

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Ilya Pozin, Contributor  ~ Most startups fail. Having a good idea isn’t always enough to be successful. I’ve personally been behind the build and marketing of over 2,000 websites for clients, serve as a mentor for StartEngine, a startup accelerator, and have founded several companies of my own, including Ciplex. My experience has allowed me get a  Read more

Labor Intensive Efforts are Fine for Startups

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By:  David Cummings  ~ One area I find entrepreneurs constantly talking about, especially tech savvy entrepreneurs, is that of automating everything and having a “touchless” process whereby humans aren’t involved. A common example of this is having a web app with a self-service sign up and provisioning process complete with payment processing via credit card.  Read more