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3 Surprising Statistics About Sales in 2015

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Sales today looks nothing like it did 50 or even 10 years ago. […] Why so much time spent on the phone, and almost none traveling to prospects’ offices? Where are the trusty Yellow Pages?What the heck is LinkedIn?! There’s no doubt about it — today’s sales reps and marketers are experiencing a revolution. To stay relevant,  Read more

Sell Software vs Engineering Development?

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BY:  David Cummings Recently I was talking to a software company that had a few non-paying beta users and a working product. After getting a demo of the software, which looked really good, I asked what was next and how their round of financing was going to be used. Interestingly, even with a solid, fully-functional  Read more

The Next Advance In Sales: The Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

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Posted BY:  Tomasz Tunguz  ~ Many of the SaaS companies I work with are buzzing about a new concept: product qualified leads (PQL). It’s typical to see outbound sales teams create new leads by cold-calling – think Glengarry. And marketing also qualifies leads (MQL) using online advertising, branding, content, email and other channels. But the  Read more

Four Tips to Improve Sales Calls

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BY:  Intronis Guest Blog  – If you have ever walked out of a sales call and thought, “hmmm, that didn’t go well,” then you’re not alone. Recently, the Intronis team hosted a webinar with Gary Pica, renowned MSP sales coach, to discuss many of the common sales gaffes that often inhibit an MSP’s efforts to  Read more

15 Phrases To Help Engage Better With People

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Business is changing. The experts sure seem to think so. Every day, some new article hypes a brave new world of egalitarian openness and collaboration. That might be true if you work for yourself. For the rest of us, it’s still a winner-take-all, command-and-control world. Always has been, always will be. The experts may own  Read more

How Lead Nurturing Leads to More Customers

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Lead nurturing is an important success factor for all businesses of all sizes.  If your company uses limited marketing funds on lead attainment or production, you must obtain the return of that investment by converting a higher percentage of those leads into revenue. Also Read: 6 important steps to website content development success If you are obtaining  Read more

4 Cold Calling Mistakes That Will Waste Your Sales Leads

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By:  Melissa Cober  ~ Purchasing a list of targeted sales leads is a great way to identify potential customers for your business, but what is the next step after you have already purchased that list? If your mailing list includes verified phone numbers, a common response is to have your sales representatives begin cold calling that list.  Read more

7 Tips to Strengthen Relationships with Executives

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By:  Mike Schultz and Bob Croston  ~ “It’s impossible to get serious face time with senior executives.” “Even getting 15 minutes with a senior executive can take 15 months.” I hear things like this all the time from professionals, sellers, and other business leaders who want to get more time with decision makers but haven’t yet cracked  Read more

Internet Has Made Your B2B Sales Process Outdated

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By:  Mike Moran  ~ I’m old. 30 years ago, I learned how IBM qualified leads for sales. At the time, I know now, it was unusual to even have a process for such a thing, but that is how IBM worked (and still does). Most B2B businesses did not have such a process and the  Read more

Tips on How To Ask and Listen

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BY:  Kevin Cashman  ~ Leaders who are helping others to grow and innovate are always trying to craft the best questions to make a difference. Here’s how to ask the questions that will propel your team and your organization forward. Questions are the expressive, probing language for growing others; listening is the receptive, facilitating language  Read more