What’s in Your Sales Stack?


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SMB teams are finally able to leverage the same level of technology as large enterprise sized company’s. Amazing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sales apps are coming to market at a rapid pace and they’re affordable. These focused apps are leveling the playing field between the enterprise sales engines and the little startup, and unlike your traditional sales  Read more

The Evolution of CRM systems: From Rolodex to Mobile CRM

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CRM has not always existed, there were other methods to keep a relationship between customers and the organization. We are going to look back and review how we end up having a CRM system. The very beginnings At first, pen and paper where the solution. Before the 50´s they kept the information on books, because  Read more

90% Marketing, 10% Product


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Earlier in the week, David Cumming from David Cummings on Startups posted an article where he address a comment he made from an earlier post. He referenced the fact that marketing is overwhelmingly more important than the product itself because of the time and resources needed for its proper execution. Here is the rest of  Read more

Top 10 Cloud-Based Myths Part II


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We continue our conversation from the past few weeks about Cloud Based Solutions vs. In-House. Last week we talked about Garner’s top 10 most common myths for cloud solutions analyzing the first 5. For Part I Click Here Here are the next 5 Myths: Myth 6: Cloud Is Less Secure Than On-Premises Capabilities Cloud computing is  Read more

Top 10 Cloud-Based Myths


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Last week we compared a few differences to consider between Cloud based vs On-Premise software solutions. Over the weekend I read an article that predicted cloud storage revenue to grow more than 28% annually to reach $65 billion in 2020.  The driving force behind this growth is the ability for cloud-based solutions to deliver a  Read more

Public SaaS Company Valuations Q1 2015

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  Once a year I like to take an inventory of the public Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies regarding their valuation, revenues, and employee count. On the public equities side, I don’t pick individual stocks (I’m a fan of Vanguard Index Funds), so I only hear about things when a stock makes a big swing.   Here’s a snapshot  Read more

Will the Next Major CRM Player Please Stand Up

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by David Cummings Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has been around for decades. Over the past 10 years, has risen to prominence as both the largest Software as a Service (SaaS) company in the world and the largest CRM company in the world. has an incredibly powerful product that is now geared towards the  Read more

The Next Advance In Sales: The Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

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Posted BY:  Tomasz Tunguz  ~ Many of the SaaS companies I work with are buzzing about a new concept: product qualified leads (PQL). It’s typical to see outbound sales teams create new leads by cold-calling – think Glengarry. And marketing also qualifies leads (MQL) using online advertising, branding, content, email and other channels. But the  Read more