What is Driving Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Today?


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As companies compile vast amounts of data, including customers, clients and employees, the need for data analytics is ubiquitous. The most prolific Big Data use cases include enterprise and business needs to obtain well-managed data, process it and deliver the best to customers.

10 Essential Things to Do in January to Beat Your 2016 Sales Goal

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As we bid farewell to 2015 and usher in 2016, one thing is at the top of salespeople’s minds: “New year, new quota. How am I going to hit it?” Whether you’re going to President’s Club for your performance in 2015 or fell short, everyone’s back at 0% starting January 1st. Take advantage of your  Read more

4 Outbound Metrics for 2013 You Should Know

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By David Vitteri, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta 2013 is almost over and InterConnecta brings you 4 quick important outbound metrics from this ending year: 1) Year over year, the state of Outbound Prospecting has improved dramatically – up 35%. 2) Prospects are picking up the phone! Reach Rate is now up 36% from 2012 lows.  Read more