Contrasting Gartner’s CRM Predictions

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  In 2013, Gartner published a report forecasting various enterprise software markets. The report predicted an increase in the CRM market from $20.6B to $36.5 B worldwide, leading all enterprise software categories in

When a Competitor Raises Money


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Early today an entrepreneur shared with me how he was super worried that a competitor just raised $2 million. Being a bootstrapped startup still trying to find product/market fit, he felt that the competitor was going to build a large team and capture the market before he gets enough traction to become a player. Hmm, I  Read more

3 CRM Trends on the Horizon

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by David Cummings Continuing with yesterday’s post, Will the Next Major CRM Provider Please Stand Up, there are a number of trends on the horizon that will have a major impact on CRM. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is such a large market that a number of trends, like social media, have already started changing  Read more

Effective B2B Marketing

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “No one wants a drill, they want a hole in the wall.” The idea behind this quote is that what customers say they want – a drill – is just a means to the end; namely, a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, this is only part of the story. If  Read more