10 Actions to Keep Investors Hovering

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By:  Martin Zwilling  ~ Every new startup I know dreams of being funded early by one of the 318,000 active Angel investors in the USA alone. But many entrepreneurs don’t realize that Angels are also extremely discerning in the projects that they will invest in, rejecting approximately 97% of the proposals submitted to them, according to the California  Read more

The Emergence of South American Startups

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The South American entrepreneurial community is no longer a small band of companies vying for attention. Instead, it is a full-fledged movement with an ecosystem that is creating new connections for the economies of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and the rest of the world. These entrepreneurs represent a movement now. They are the “TechnoLatinas,” and their  Read more

Telefonica’s New $378M Latin American Incubator Fund

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By:  Mike Butcher  ~ There are a few significant trends going on in this particular era. There is an explosion of technology adoption and innovation happening in developing regions like Latin America, and a few of us are aware that big lumbering corporates are struggling to deal with the pace of change – indeed, it  Read more

Types of Startup Strategies

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By:  Jun Loayza  ~ I sat back and analyzed my startups today and compared my funded startups with my bootstrapped startups.  It’s logical to assume that my funded startups did better because we essentially had a huge influx of cash to invest into people, marketing, and product; however, my bootstrapped startups have done remarkably better  Read more

5 Tips for Killer Sales Pitches

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Last night I had the opportunity to hear three startups give their pitch to a room full of angel investors. Each one did a good job, but for different reasons. The angel investors and VCs in the room were attentive and asked solid questions. Towards the end of the night, the real test happened when  Read more

Obama Signs Bill Focused on Crowdsourced Investments

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The JOBS act removes several regulations related to new U.S. businesses. U.S. President Barack Obama has signed legislation that eliminates restrictions preventing entrepreneurs from seeking crowdsourced funding online and removes some other financial regulations for small businesses. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups, or JOBS, Act delays some U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regulations for some  Read more