Interconnecta is Featured in LISA Awards for Excellence in Software Solutions

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Garden City, New York – October 8, 2015 – Long Island Software Awards (LISA) is the biggest Technology Event of the year in Long Island. The event honors Long Island Technology executives, the people that run the companies and organizations that make Long Island one of the leaders in Technology. It’s the Long Island Tech  Read more

Long Island Tech Accelerator Chooses InterConnecta, Two Others

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By:  Lisa Du  ~ Long Island‘s first program to help guide and develop start-up companies is launching with its initial cohort of participants. The initiative, LI Tech COMETS, on Thursday named Mobitrons, Clerk 123 and InterConnecta as the first three companies to participate in the accelerator program, which aims to nurture local early-stage companies. The  Read more

How Successful Virtual Teams Collaborate

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By:  Keith Ferrazzi  ~ I have worked on many teams in which we dutifully did our jobs, and the group fulfilled its objectives. And then I have worked on other teams in which everyone energetically collaborated with one another, and the results were spectacular. Not only did we surpass our goals, we also thoroughly enjoyed  Read more

Report: CIOs to Accelerate Outsourcing in 2013

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By:  Don Willmott  ~   CIOs are outsourcing crucial business tasks more than ever before. A survey of more than 200 IT decision-makers from small businesses to large enterprises found that 32 percent of organizations will increase their IT outsourcing investments in 2013. Some other headlines from market research firm Bluewolf’s report: 48 percent of  Read more

Time Management Techniques for Virtual Professionals

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Virtual professionals have no choice but to learn about managing time well if they want to get ahead. With the long list of clients, projects, and business operations tasks, it can be difficult to keep things straight without organization and the use of effective time management techniques. Take a look at these techniques that will  Read more

How to Choose Your Virtual Office Location

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With a virtual office, it doesn’t matter where in the world your work takes you. You can do business with people in your hometown or across the world through one of these shared workspaces. For many businesses, one of the biggest benefits of this arrangement is that you can choose a prestigious location to house your temporary  Read more

How Do You Protect Company Info With Remote Workers?

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Your company has already suffered from budget cuts, and you have transitioned a portion of your employees to “virtual” home offices. The LAST thing you need is to feel insecure about where your business files and information are as they leave the company network… So how do you protect your valuable documents with remote workers?  Read more

The Reality of Working From Home

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An increasing number of people are trading in the cubicle for home working. It is seen by many as the ultimate perk. However, is home working really everything it is cracked up to be? I share what I have discovered after 7 years of home working. Like many people starting a new business, we begun Headscape working  Read more

Why Remote Workers Are More Engaged

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By:  Scott Edinger  ~ Who is more engaged and more committed to their work and rates their leaders the highest? A. People who work in the office B. People who work remotely If you picked A, you might be as surprised as the investment firm I worked with recently, which found in reviewing results of  Read more

The Upside to Working Outside

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By: ANJALI ATHAVALEY  ~ In a quest to find cheap workspace in a cramped metropolis, New York City technology start-ups have ditched the traditional office, sharing desks with other firms or just setting up shop in the Ace Hotel lobby. About a dozen designers, developers and other tech workers on Thursday took the effort one step  Read more