Marketing Moving Ahead of IT in Software Spend Decision Making


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  It used to be the domain of the IT manager, but new research suggests that two thirds of marketing managers are now making the call on purchasing new marketing software. The digital transformation business, Squiz, reveled a study that seems to show that both marketing manager and IT manager agree that the shift in decision  Read more

4 Tips for Recruiting Great Sales Reps


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Earlier this week I started reading The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge. There are a handful of great sales books out there and this ranks right up there as one of the best (and most modern). One of my favorite parts was the section on finding and recruiting talent. Here are four tips for  Read more

Plan and Pilot before a CRM implementation


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Companies, anticipating the implementation of a Customer Relations Management (CRM) program, may attempt to roll out a solution to their entire organization at one time. Understandably, they are looking for the quick return on investment (ROI) that their new software has the potential to deliver. Unfortunately, companies often fail to consider that this implementation can  Read more