High Praise For Peanut Butter Marketers

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By:   Brieanne Gerritsen  ~ I opened a new jar of peanut butter last week and I relished the experience. I always enjoy when I’m the first person to pull the foil paper back to reveal the smooth top to the peanut butter. Then I stick the knife in and carve out a scoop of the  Read more

Marketing is the Next Big Money Sector in Technology

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By Ajay Agarwal, Bain Capital Ventures “By 2017, a CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO.” —Gartner Group For the first time in history, businesses can leverage big data for the benefit of driving marketing insights. We are at the very beginning of this wave, but this fundamental shift will create several multi-billion  Read more

What’s Hot in CRM Applications, 2012

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Serving the salesforce is a mantra and mindset that resonates through the best companies I’ve ever worked with and for. That priority alone can help galvanize companies who are adrift in multiple, conflicting agendas, strategies and projects.  Uniting around that goal – serving sales and getting them what they need to excel – can turn  Read more

Effective Digital Branding Measurement Requires a Mix of Metrics

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As companies invest a greater portion of their branding dollars in digital advertising, marketers are facing increased pressure to prove digital’s branding effectiveness both as a single channel and in concert with a broader, multichannel campaign. Many have quickly discovered that measuring a digital campaign’s success is no easy task.