Tips to Become a Good Telemarketer

By Claudia Rios, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

Usually you’d think telemarketers sell the product at hand, or lies. But in this case it’s about stepping out of the box and really looking at what telemarketers do sell and that is their voice.

Remember telemarketers call you usually with a script at hand ready to sell you anything or upgrade your services, but what keeps you on the phone is their voice. With technology constantly booming, everyone has a phone of some sort. No need to be psychic, you can easily assume the emotions behind a persons voice. Here are some quick tips to become a good telemarketer.

1. Smile

A key action is to smile while speaking, that way your voice will be as happy and living as possible. Nobody wants to hear a grumpy or sad or lame person calling them, especially when the call is unwanted. (Remember that some of the people you call may not be expecting your call)

2. Preparation

Know your product or job, study the items or content. You should have a thorough understanding of what it is, how it works and how it may be useful to potential customers and express it with genuine confidence. Prepare a quick speech and practice it, but don’t follow it word for word because once forgetting a simple “I” or “you” the shuddering can easily follow.

3. Confidence

Express confidence when speaking, that assures people that you know what you talking about. A good telemarketer should talk with a tone of authority that puts customers mind at ease. You should be able to talk about the reason of your call or company.

There are many other tips, such as finding the right balance between saying too much and not saying enough, not to take rejections personally and recognizing when it is time to move on to the next call but the key tip is to always remember to pause and listen.

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