Top 5 Experiences Running a Smart Telesales Campaign

By David Vitteri, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

These are our Top 5 experiences when running a smart telesales campaign. Building these 5 essential secrets into your telesales program will inspire success.  With enthusiasm and thoughtful application, they can also ensure your campaign remains effective in the future.

1. Know your People:  Product knowledge and Interest

Top performers end up at the top of their game because they are interested. They are very familiar with their product, and enjoy talking about them.  A lack of knowledge and enthusiasm will reflect in lackluster performance and low closing rates.  If your telesales crew has high interest and great product knowledge, subsequent training will result in optimum performance. In order to protect the brand of the organization your represent it’s essential that a telesales person should be trained for a minimum of 2 training sessions before getting on the phone.

2. Training and Sales Culture

There is more to training than handing out product pamphlets, pencils and dog-eared telephone books.  Good people are worth training well. Do more than test for product knowledge. Think sales culture; try to understand what would be the main reason for the client to buy your product/service.

Consider the advantages of training telesales staff as direct, face-to-face sales people out on the floor. Encourage clear, concise communication. Run them through different sales scenarios.  The team should have great people-handling skills.

Encourage open discussion of common problems in the cold calling.  What solutions were applied?  Were they successful? Encourage your team to have fun both learning and working.

Encourage active participation in the sales training process. Cultivate the drive required to be successful. Holding regular training sessions shows interest in the success of your team, establishing both great team spirit and work ethic. Excellent on-going training does not cost in telesales ; it pays.

3. Quality Leads and Lists Count

Nothing is more disappointing to sales people than having low quality leads and lists. If generating in-house customized call lists, ensure pre-qualified leads are verified and documented correctly.  If purchasing marketing lists, ensure lists are tailored to your needs. Even good sales people will soon become disillusioned with poor quality leads, and sales will drop. Engage valuable data sources like iSell OneSource and use common tools like Google Alerts.  Research corporate change and events which may trigger potential sales to your advantage. Build custom email campaigns with different verticals and subject lines first before doing a cold down of the list. This way you know if the list is bad or it has its potential.

4. Tele Sales Numbers

Prospecting is a strategic numbers game.  Big numbers of carefully targeted lists ensure larger numbers of contact attempts will lead to successful closings. Target expectations of 100 dials and   15 to 20 conversations daily.  You would expect 1 or 2 active leads and expect 4 or 5 passive leads scheduled for email follow up.

Ensure you have a large volume of potential leads.  Allocate lists of   potential clients fairly. Keeps your telesales team moving, motivated, and producing.

High success rates in prospecting are directly related to big numbers of targeted lists. Successful sales managers encourage team members to work harder.

5. Develop Reporting

Interested sales people appreciate reliable feedback on performance. Establishment and implementation of reliable tracking metrics is essential. Track and analyze contact ratios, successful lead rates, appointments set, and opportunities generated.  Positive analysis can and will increase the success rate and sales spirit of your team.

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