Modern BANT Sales Qualification


If you’ve worked in Sales in the past then you’ve heard of the BANT criteria as a way to qualify prospects. BANT (budget, authority, need, timeline) has been around for decades and many sales professionals like it for its logic and as a great starting point in the absence of a more specific methodology (most sales people don’t use any methodology).

Jacco Van der Kooij recently published an article up titled BANT Sales Qualification for a New Era, where he argues that BANT needs to be modernized based on factors like SaaS being less of an upfront expense so budget isn’t as big of a concern as it used to be, decision making often goes through a process, as opposed to a specific person, and more. Here’s Jacco’s modern BANT with a new order:

  • N = Need = Impact on the customer business
  • T = Time-line = Critical event for the customer
  • B = Budget = Priority for the customer
  • A = Authority = Decision Process the customer goes through

Check out the article here, its a must read for any sales rep. battling to try to find an edge in the modern business world.


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