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The Benefits of Content Marketing

March 27, 2012

Could it be that content marketing is at the heart of all marketing success on the web? According to an infographic designed by Content Plus, that may be the case.

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Services

March 13, 2012

  Benefits of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing Services Over 90 percent Fortune 500 companies have outsourced at least one major business function (Forbes, October 1995) Outsourcing is extremely beneficial in the function of Sales and Marketing Support Services. Businesses conventionally used internal department or contracted the services of a “full time” marketing agency. However, the  Read more

Sales Reps Without Territories

March 1, 2012

FEBRUARY 29, 2012 – By David Cummings One of the more common strategies associated with sales reps is assigned geographic territories. Territories make sense when field sales are involved but with the growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), more and more sales are done over the phone and internet. A major downfall of territories is that in a fast-growing  Read more