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The Rise of Full-Box CRM

April 10, 2012

CRM is a massive business. At least an $8 billion industry according to Gartner. Salesforce, the company you think of when you hear CRM (after all, it is their ticker symbol) has a market cap north of $21 billion dollars. And while sales departments are typically most commonly thought of in conjunction with these systems, they’re far from the only adopters  Read more

Marketing Plans Must be Specifically Designed to Drive Revenue

April 9, 2012

Entrepreneurs are a special breed. Solving problems and finding pain points in the marketplace to make our lives better is a cause worth fighting for in today’s world. The concept of an entrepreneur is equal to freedom. The freedom to make choices and be empowered as an individual to make a series of complex decisions  Read more

When Managing Salespeople, Stage Matters

April 2, 2012

  Does sales management really come down to pushing back on excuses? Several founders have asked me this question in response to Mark Suster’s sales management advice. As a former tech sales executive, I agree with many of his lessons — when applied to later-stage, post-traction point startups [1]. However, I advocate a more nuanced approach for  Read more