CRM- Banks Integration – True Story from a Financial Company




Recently, a new client came to us to help solve an issue with their sales process. This new customer works in the financial industry, specializing in helping merchants nationally get access to small business loans and lines of credit. They recently integrated a Zoho CRM platform and  were looking to automate their current sales process , which was heavily manual, especially when processing loan applications. Most of the applications were completed manually by the merchant and financial specialist and then entered in the CRM by an administrator or the loan specialist. This process took a lot of time that could have otherwise been used to provide their services to other customers.

Our proposal was to implement several process automation options and workflows in order to reduce the time spent on a single application. We synchronized all the required forms  available on their website with their CRM. This streamlined automatic data entry into the CRM system when receiving emails containing all the contact information of the merchants requesting additional information. Furthermore, we also created an automation rule that will notify the financial specialist of the new information request and automatically send reminders until that merchant customer is contacted. A workflow was also created to send an email to the merchant with a copy of their application after they fill out the form, thus completing the process.

We also created and ran Google based PPC campaigns with a call to action directing them to a customer developed landing page, which was also synched with the CRM. We then created the necessary automated rules to notify the financial specialists and the merchants on the form completion.

An additional challenge was creating a complex web based application form which allowed for multiple document additions. We were able to recreate the merchant application in a web form, adding an online signature function so merchants can sign the application on the web form itself. We also added options to upload supporting paperwork like bank statements and voided checks, amongst other important documents. This entire application will create a record on the CRM and, based on custom created API connections, send the information to different banks that will qualify the applications and offer different loan options. Our team built an API that communicates with three different banks simultaneously. This provides immediate response for qualifying merchants, whether they were pre-approved or declined. This process which originally took several days between filling the form, sending it to the bank, receiving and replying can now be completed in a matter of minutes.

We successfully automated the entire process and reduced the overall sales cycle by over 1000%; what once took 2-3 days can now be completed right over the phone in a matter of minutes, thus sparking a new point of growth for the company. We created a  fixed and organized marketing strategy that lets the customer have control and visibility throughout their sales process.

For our customer  automation was key, but we can make the same argument for varied organizations. Take a look at your current business process and identify where there  is room for improvement and ask yourself 2 questions. Do you have a streamlined sales lead process in place for your business? Does the process allow you to make optimal use of your time, resources and, costs?.


Written by the InterConnect Team.
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