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Generating jobs has proven to help prevent the recurrence of violence in some communities. – Why? – Because job creation has a strong multiplier effect that sustains families and boosts local purchasing power, which in turn lifts other businesses, creates even more employment and accelerates the community up the path to prosperity and less violence.

Bpeace has created a successful mentor program that reaches out to entrepreneurs running small and growing businesses in areas of conflict. They select entrepreneurs with momentum or “Fast Runners” because they are in the best position to create jobs for others in their community.

Fast Runners who have been in the Bpeace program for more than a year, average 23% job growth and 34% revenue growth. This is significantly better than the GDP growth in their countries. 41% of our Fast Runners grew full-time jobs by more than 20%. 55% grew full-time jobs by more than 10%. 71% of Fast Runners maintained or grew full-time jobs. 55% grew full-time employment for women.

One of their proud volunteers is our very own Luis Gonzalez. This week Bpeace published an article highlightingsome its key contributors. This is what they had to say:

Sharing Skills with Fast Runners-and with headquarters

005c837c-9d19-4e25-a153-bb59b048ac5c  Technology sales and marketing expert Luis Gonzales (at left), founder and    managing director of InterConnecta ,came to us through our partner Gerson   Lehman Group .Luis is graciously sharing his time and skills in two ways. Guatemalan Fast Runner Marlene, co-owner of Sitecpro , wants to introduce the company’s electronic-imaging service to new clients. Luis is setting up Sitecpro’s sales team on the Zoho CRM platform, which will make the sales cycle and conversion of sales more efficient and effective. This week, Luis is helping the company upload 8,000 contacts into Zoho. Luis will travel to Guatemala in March to train Sitecpro management and sales staff on messaging for lead generation and sales strategy/development.

In addition, along with Bpeacer Kasie Whitener, Luis is helping us research and launch an online platform for collecting and managing Fast Runner activities and progress–a critical step in the development of our organization.

This is just one small sample of how one member has helped Bpeace doing what it does best. For the full article click here

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