4 Outbound Metrics for 2013 You Should Know

By David Vitteri, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

2013 is almost over and InterConnecta brings you 4 quick important outbound metrics from this ending year:

1) Year over year, the state of Outbound Prospecting has improved dramatically – up 35%.

2) Prospects are picking up the phone! Reach Rate is now up 36% from 2012 lows.

3) Calling the C-suite? YOU SHOULD BE! Year-over-year, CxO reach rate is up 40%.

4) Outbound Index ‘bull’ & ‘bear’ technologies. Bull: Sales & Marketing. Bear: ERP/CRM.

These facts show that Outbound Campaigns have been successful for 2013 and will keep going up for the 2014.

InterConnecta loves inbound leads, but outbound campaigns – combined with good targeting, a compelling reason to call and value for the recipient – are still the most effective way to drive pipeline velocity and volume.

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