The Magic of Free Stuff in B2B Marketing

By McKeon Day, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

Let’s face it: Everyone likes free stuff.

I have been paying close attention to myself when confronted with digital marketing.   And I have noticed how my attention almost instantly goes to the word free wherever it is placed.  Us as humans love free stuff, no matter if it is a free sample in the grocery store, or if its a free game demo on our smartphone.  A free offer is a brilliant way to capture the attention of your marketplace, and to buy a little more time to convince them to buy your product or service.

I was on the Hubspot blog just the other day,  and I found various offers for free e-books.  Now just looking at the e-book made me want to have it. Why, because it was free.  All I had to do was trade in my information, and voilá, it was mine.  What’d I receive next? A follow-up email. I knew it was coming and was ok with it because of my free e-book I received in exchange.  Free trade-ins are a great method of improving your lead generation, because people are willing to make a little sacrifice, (even their time) to receive that free service/product.

In giving out something free, you have to be careful also.  Another thing I have noticed about myself, is the fact that I turn down some things that are free when I am on a website, or am at a mall or in public.  I ask myself, is it too good to be true?

You have to be careful in the way you portray your company when you are giving something out for free.

Do not ask for too much information.  If you have a landing page for example, that asks for too much information, the person on the landing page will get scared away, and not want to submit his/her information.  However, if you just ask for basics, such as name, number, company, title, and email address, that’s enough for you and not too much for them to sacrifice.

Remember that it is always a great marketing technique to sacrifice a little something in order to attract people to your company and generate more leads.  Once they get a little sample of what you do, they will come back for more.  It’s just like Lay’s potato chips.  You can´t just eat one.  You just keep coming back for more.

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