Some key observations to help your Real-Time Marketing Strategy

By Alvaro Tassano, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

Real-Time Marketing II

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about Real-time Marketing. In case you were still catching up from New Years here’s the link:

Here we’ll talk about some essential things needed to be able to carry out this marketing strategy successfully.

In spite of the different nature of reactive/proactive and planned vs. unplanned RTM initiatives, reading through some of the testimonial behind some great RTM strategies I could find these had a few things in common:

The first one is having already approved, game ready content standing by. Most RTM actions should be slight variations on the messaging depending on the specific event but always following your company’s overall strategy.

This can help in making the appearance of real time for the consumers; while in reality the content has already being approved.

Second, a process has to be established at an organizational level to quickly approve and launch RTM actions. Having pre-approval for things like tone, imagery, graphics, font and target audience can help push content quicker. Companies need to empower their staff to be able to respond quickly and assertively, ideally handing them the rains of the RTM strategy. As an example take a look at the three questions Symantec employees need to ask themselves before sending any RTM content:

Am I creating unneeded risk to the brand?
Could this impact the company or me negatively?
Would I want my grandmother to read this?

These questions are short but effective, creating a safe guard for the content and guarantying all actions through this channel will be well thought out.

Lastly I’ll leave you with this thought: Real-time Marketing isn’t about commenting on a single event taking place, it’s much more than that. You have to grab, brand, and make your own popular trends happening now relevant to your customers at all times.

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