Real-time Marketing

By Alvaro Tassano, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

I scoured the internet looking for a fun subject to write my last blog of the year. I wanted to write about what was happening now with marketing, its new tendencies and where it might go in the future. I stumbled upon an article which headline read: “best ads of 2013” after looking through the examples it showed I realized a lot of the best ad campaigns of this past year have one thing in common: they were done in real time.

And that is exactly what this blog is about and where I think marketing is heading in 2014 and beyond.

Let’s get something clear, what exactly is real-time marketing or RTM?

It’s a little confusing trying to distinguish what is real-time marketing as oppose to something that’s being around already like, for example, public relations.

The most common definition describes real-time marketing as marketing done “on the go” in response to a certain event or incident with the goal of adding value to their customers by providing the added benefit of real-time interaction based on recent events. It’s when companies refine (or create) services, products or content based on feedback from customers or events in the marketplace. The best results are achieved when businesses see an opportunity and are the firsts to act upon it.

This new form of marketing is gaining footing for a number of reasons.

Recent studies show that a well throughout real-time strategy can raise all desirable marketing metrics. Brands like Oreo, Starbucks, American Express and Dell are leading the way and there is no denying the movement towards RTM in 2014 is undeniable.

If you still aren’t sure exactly what RTM is, I’ll leave you with an example of arguably the best real-time ad done last year:


This wasn’t the first instance of a brand commenting on an event happening in real-time via a social outlet, but because of the repercussions it made many think of it as the first.  Some look at it as overrated but there is no denying this timely tweet established a memorable link with its customers (people today still can recall the tweet) and it kick stated an industry wide conversation about real-time marketing.

Marketers are beginning to understand that real-time marketing is about having a new mindset of always being on, always being a content creator and always finding ways to stay relevant with what’s going on with their customers.

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