Psychology in Digital Marketing

By McKeon Day, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta


Marketing is very distinct to sales in the fact that it has to do a lot with psychology.


imagenWhat makes people tick. Have you ever looked at a webpage, and just felt content looking at it? Some companies have it figured out perfectly about what it is that makes people attracted to their marketing content. Let’s go over a few of the things that are essential in Digital Marketing.


Simplicity is one of the most important parts of marketing. We all know the difference between a messy advertisement that has an animated button that looks like it’s having a seizure to get your attention, and a clean, organized and professional website that states it’s point clearly and has a solid and simple color scheme to compliment the website. It’s a true statement to just keep it simple. People like simplicity.


Images say more than a thousand words alone. Just one image can express everything on that page. It’s so important that you have images with a solid point to what it is you are trying to express. I know when I receive an email, and the picture is boring and generic, my mouse almost automatically goes to the delete button.

Pictures also compliment the content that they are alongside of. It is important to always have a picture complimenting text even in the way it is facing. For example, if you have a picture of a laptop, and the laptop is facing to the left, your text should be to the left of that image. Why? Because that picture directs the users attention to the text so that they read it.


Personally when I go into a web page, I really feel satisfied when I see a good color scheme. Too many colors will totally throw you off, but a couple of good colors that express your brand will really capture your attention and make you relate to that company just with colors. For example, when you think of the fast food chain McDonald’s, what colors do you think of? Probably red and yellow. How about Facebook? Blue. Color schemes alone are enough to describe a company, so make sure that you use unique and simple colors to give people a reason to remember it, and attract them.

Show your true colors, and add some pictures while keeping it nice and tidy, and you are sure to see difference in the traffic on your web pages.

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