Don’t Forget The Pictures: How Marketers Should Understand Photography

By Alvaro Tassano, Sales Analyst at InterConnecta

A few months ago I began to get involved in photography. Through various school assignments and personal projects I’ve grown to love this hobby. I thought I’d take this time to discuss a little about this wonderful art form and how all of us marketers should/need to have some knowledge of it to use to our advantage.

Nowadays everyone with a smartphone has the potential to be a photographer. But few take this opportunity seriously: we often take pictures with no planning involved, no intentions behind the picture and, more importantly, no clear purpose. Every photograph communicates something, farther more, every element inside a picture helps communicate that idea. It’s no wonder most of the best photographers during the beginning of the 20th century were painters first. Translating the same amount of precision and planning from painting to photography is what eventually helped gain its acceptance as an art form.

The reason why people are going to stop and read it is because of the picture next to the text

A great photographer by the name of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy once said: “The illiterate of the future will be the person ignorant of the use of the camera as well as the pen”. I would like to think that Lazlo was specially talking to us marketers.  Although often the visual aspect of a campaign is associated with the ad department, it is us (marketers) who tell them the intention behind the campaign. We understand the strategy and it is us who set the project’s objectives. For this reason we marketers need to have a critical eye to provide constructive feedback for the visual support we use for our campaigns. We can edit and review tirelessly the wording that goes on a panel but I guarantee you, the reason why people are going to stop and read it is because of the picture next to the text.

A good picture can make all the difference

We are a visual bunch, we like pretty pictures, things that catch our eye, weird objects,  different angles, bright colors, uppers, downers, laughers and screamers.  A good picture can make all the difference. It can not only communicate an idea but also transmit emotions and sensations in a profound way.

Here are a few suggestions every marketer should consider in order to become a more complete professional: put more emphasis on carefully selecting the pictures for your piece, become familiar with some aspects of photography so you can start training your eye on what characteristics make a good picture and, lastly, go out and try taking some pictures of your own! You can read about it all you like but until you experience what lies on the other side of the lens, you’ll never know what you’ve being missing.

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