Entrepreneurs Focus on Money First, Energy Second


Recently, I was talking with an entrepreneur about his company. They just launched a new initiative and he shared with me a few of the details. Then, he said something that stuck with me: money and energy are separate considerations. Meaning, most entrepreneurs, at least initially, focus more on a lack of money as the inhibiting resource. Then, as the business grows, energy becomes even more of a consideration as the company has more money and staff is more specialized.

Here are a few thoughts on money and energy as separate considerations:

–  Startups have an ebb and flow where it’s clear that sometimes team members have extra energy and sometimes they are burnt out

–  Startups flush with cash realize that balancing energy is tougher because it’s less quantifiable and more based on the human element

–  Most projects require both money and energy, and leaders would do well to think through the energy component as much, if not more, than the money component

–  When planning, ask the hard questions about the costs, as we all do, and then spend time thinking through the current energy of the team. When energy is applied to a new project some other project always has its energy reduced.

What else? What are some more thoughts on money and energy being separate considerations?


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