Is it Time for A CRM?

What makes a business?

Is it the size of your capitol, the qualification of your team, or the quality of your products? Believe it or not, it is the customers.

Your customers are your most important assets and managing this asset is critical. When you have just a few customers, it doesn’t hurt to keep their names and details in a petty spreadsheet. However, the size of your customer base is bound to grow with your business. There will come a time when you will need a proper Customer Relationship Management system.

Will you be able to tell if that time has arrived?

Unfortunately, most businesses are not. That is why we present a small list of signs that one must look for in order to analyze why their business needs a CRM.

Multiple Information Storage

Where do you store your customer information? If a single spreadsheet is enough to properly store and manage the contacts, well and good. However, if it is stored on various places such as some on the spreadsheet other in a diary the rest on some post it notes, then you really need a CRM. A centralized contact storage broadens your view of your own customer base and lets you analyze the way each of them connects and interacts.

Single CRM Strategy

Do you treat every customer in a similar manner? No matter the service or product you offer, you must understand that every customer has a unique need or requirement. If you sales team is treating everyone in the similar manner, there is definitely something wrong. Your current system may not be able to give them enough information regarding the customers they interact with. If this is true for your company, you need a proper CRM.

Sales Team Management

How easy it is for you to manage your sales team? Without a CRM, it is not quite possible to keep an eye on all the activities of your sales team. CRM can give you an insight into the opportunities and deals currently handled by the team. It also gives you the information and ability to hold the team accountable for any discrepancies and errors. Most importantly, you can assign roles and responsibilities based on real time information.

Time Consuming Tracking

How much time does it take to generate reports in your company? Without a CRM, tasks such as tracking and reporting can be excruciating. A company may need the report for many purposes. You might need it to design your next sales strategy, or even to judge the performance of individual team members. If it takes too much time, it is definitely hurting your team’s performance and productivity. A Customer Relationship Management system is preloaded with a reporting feature that allows you to generate insightful reports in a fraction of time.

Finally, if you or your team members travel a lot, or the team is dispersed in different locations, a CRM no longer remains an option – it becomes a necessity. So, if all the signs are true for your business, it is high time to empower your sales with a CRM.

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