5 Ways To Reduce CRM Costs

Save CRM money with these 5 tips
With most popular CRM platforms now in the cloud, monthly (or yearly) pricing is the rule. A few extra users, some add-ons here and there, and all of a sudden you’re paying more than you think you would.
After dozens of implementations, here are my Top 5 ways to reduce CRM costs.


Use Free Google Drive or Dropbox Integrations

Use Google Drive AttachmentsIf your organization makes intensive use of file attachments in the CRM, storing them somewhere else might be a good idea.

Salesforce.com, for example charges $5 /month per additional GB of file storage, while Zoho CRM is at $4 / month for 5 extra gigs.

Good news is, modern cloud CRMs integrate very well with services like Dropbox or Google Drive, and most of the times all you need is a couple of clicks to make it work.

For comparison, Google Drive charges $2 /month for 100GB.



Don’t Get Everyone a License: Take a Different Approach


Try using a Web Portal for external users

While many people in your staff benefit from the data and analytics your CRM generates, not all of them need every functionality that comes with it.

And you certainly don’t need to pay full licenses for all of them.

For example, if you have a group of external users (such as Sales Partners) who exclusively need read-only access to records, consider setting up a web Partner Portal, taking advantage of your CRM’s API.


Get It Right the First Time

Make Sure Your CRM is Tailored to Your BusinessIf you are about to start a new CRM project or plan to overhaul your existing solution, make sure it’s well fit to  your business by doing extensive analyses of your sales, marketing and reporting processes.

Failing to do so will most likely end in another attempt to re-configure it, and that’s just wasted money.

Not trying to sound cocky, but the best CRM consultants will, of course, save you this hassle (and the extra cost).


Pay Annual, Not Monthly

Save up to 30% by paying annualHere’s an easy one: Pretty much all SaaS solutions we’ve worked with at InterConnecta offer annual pricing plans, with savings of up to 30% over monthly payments.

Most likely you won’t be switching to another CRM in a year, so choose wisely, plan ahead and save.


Consider Migrating, But Do Your Homework First

migratingHere’s a difficult one: Over the last few years, the CRM space has become very competitive, with several new options out there carrying different price tags and feature sets.

If you haven’t checked in a while, or feel your current solution has (or will) become too pricey, it could be time to take action.

Look for in-depth comparisons (here’s Salesforce vs Zoho) and ask your CRM consultant about the implications and cost-effectiveness of a full migration. It so happens that you’re at the right website for that.

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