3 CRM Trends on the Horizon

by David Cummings

Continuing with yesterday’s post, Will the Next Major CRM Provider Please Stand Up, there are a number of trends on the horizon that will have a major impact on CRM. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is such a large market that a number of trends, like social media, have already started changing the product landscape. I’d like to talk about three specific trends.

Here are three trends in CRM that are on the horizon and will have a serious impact:

  1. Decline in Sales People — just like travel agents, as markets mature and web technologies get better, more and more products and services will be bought in a self-service manner online, reducing the number of sales people (sales people will never go away but technology is going to replace a number of them)
  2. Industry Specific CRMs — one size doesn’t fit all and as more people are exposed to modern, web-based CRMs, the opportunity also grows for a more specialized system that takes into account nuances relevant to that vertical and market (generic systems are already customized to be industry specific, but they aren’t as elegant as a custom built system that achieves a critical mass of customers)
  3. Ease of Integrating Cloud Apps — AppExchange, and the number of third-party apps that integrate into Salesforce.com, is often cited as one of the main reasons Salesforce.com is such a dominant force in the industry, only now there are a number of robust third-party APIs and cloud middleware applications that make it easier than ever to integrate apps, slowly removing one of the biggest barriers to adoption

CRM serves as the core of many B2B businesses. Over the next 3 – 5 years, we’re going to see many changes and industry trends play out in the market.

What else? What are some other trends on the horizon that will affect the CRM market?



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