Measuring marketing effectiveness with a Business Intelligence tool

Zoho Reports

Its very important for a marketer to know how the campaigns are going and the ROI of them because, based on that the marketer can decide which campaigns will still go on and which are going to stop.

Chris Swanson, owner of BMA Marketing, was facing difficulties on sharing the returns of each of the campaigns he manage with his clients. He searched for the easiest way possible to share the campaign results with his clients and he found Zoho Reports.

Chris said:

“The thing I like most with Zoho Reports is the ability to have my reports hosted on the web instead of having to create reports using PDF files or other formats that must then be attached to emails and sent to clients who may or may not be able to even open the file. Now I simply email my clients a URL that they can click to instantly view their own custom Zoho report.”


InterConnecta has been implementing powerful dashboards to give visibility into different marketing campaigns executed for its clients. Click here to see a sample report!


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