Fishing for B2B success: How to use AdWords to “land a big one”


Many businesses are looking for the big catch by AdWords but as in fishing, is better to catch small fishes rather than no fishes at all. The key in AdWords isn’t the money invest in it, is the keywords you choose to invest your money. Jacob Baadsgaard, in Search Engine Line, listed 4 tips to land a big one and continue landing them:

1) Stop using power bait

Don’t use general keywords, you should be more specific because you are interested in sales, not in traffic. As Jacob said, don’t use power bait to fish for a great white shark. If you use the right keywords and ads, you’ll only catch the eye of your ideal audience. A lot of traffic isn’t the point. Getting the right traffic is.

2) Find the hungry fish

B2B potencial clients are looking for ways to solve their problems, not for products so your job is to show them you have the solution. You should focus on customize your ads and landing pages in order to catch a sale.

3) Choosing the right lure

The average LTV for a B2B company can range from $20 000 to over $200 000, even if your business only make 10 percent income after your fixed and variable costs, you can spend thousands on advertising to close a sale and still make money!

4) Perfecting your cast

Adwords campaigns are refined with experimentation, basically trail and error gradual learning. Theres 3 phases: the experimental one, the purge and the refining phase.

The first phase is choosing the keywords you think will work, this may be a lot of words so you can take down later the ones that don’t work. The second one consists on pulling up a Keyword report for the experimental period so you can filter the bad ones and stop spending money on them. And at the refining phase you can also use AdWords to see what other search terms a person was using when they found your site and if they make sense, add them to your list.

Finally, Baadsgaard suggests that if you know who your customers are and how they find you, you should start customizing your ads and landing pages to turn clicks into conversions and conversions into sales!

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