Business Intelligence and Analytics

Connect to Any Data Source

Business data now lie scattered in flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services & online/offline applications. Wherever your data is, it's now easy to synchronize your data with online analysis and reporting.
Data sync is automatic and can be scheduled periodically.

Files, feeds & cloud drives

You can upload data from spreadsheets & flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, text files and more. You can also feed data from online storage services like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox & Microsoft OneDrive. Data can also be pulled from Web URL feeds.


You can connect to both relational databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Teradata, etc. and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop/Hive etc. Connectivity to SQL Azure and Amazon RDS cloud databases are also supported.

Popular business applications

Connect with popular business applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects, Zoho Creator, Zoho Recruit, Salesforce & ManageEngine SDP, Google Analytics that have ready made Zoho Reports connectors. Upcoming connectors include Google Adwords, Zendesk, Quickbooks, Zoho Support etc.

Inbuilt connectors apart, if you have data in any online/offline applications, you can use our powerful data import & integration APIs to build a connector quickly.

Data blending

Zoho Reports' architecture allows you to blend & merge data from across different sources to create meaningful business reports. For example, combine your marketing spend data in Excel files or Adwords, with your sales data from CRM, to create a spend vs. sales report.

Visual Analysis

Visually analyze your data and build insightful reports & dashboards with our easy drag-and-drop interface.
No IT help required!

Variety of reporting components

Make use of a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports & dashboards. More new types are frequently getting added too.

Beautiful dashboards

Combine multiple reports into a single beautiful dashboard, with just a drag-and-drop. Insert images, formatted text, widgets and web components in a flexible designer layout. Make it easier for your executives/users to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) effectively.

Spreadsheet-like interface

Provides a familiar 'spreadsheet-like' interface for data addition, analysis & reporting. Makes it easy to adopt for users familiar with spreadsheets.

Build key metrics

Simple to use, click & apply pre-built analytical functions. Excel-like easy to use formula engine, with an extensive library of mathematical & statistical functions to extract the required business metrics from your data.

Sharing and Collaboration

Develop reports together with your colleagues. Share with each other, for informed business decision making.
  • Share & Collaborate
  • Publish & Embed
  • Print & Email

Fine-grained access control

Have full control over what your colleagues or clients can see & do with the reports you share with them. Fine-grained access control with specific options like read-only, read-write, report authoring, drill-down, export and others.

Publishing and embedding of reports

Publish your reports and make them accessible to users with/without logins. Embed your reports and dashboards across websites, intranets, blogs & applications for wider consumption.

Printing and emailing

Schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically. Export or print reports for offline access.

Extensible & Scalable BI Platform

Developers and system integrators (SIs) can use the powerful and scalable Reports development platform to build/integrate reporting and analytical capabilities into their business applications.


The platform offers a set of powerful HTTP based Web APIs. Provides methods for data integration (add, modify, delete and fetch data), meta data handling (fetch details about your data and reports), sharing and dynamic reports embedding.

Zoho CloudSQL technology, allows developers to interact with business data stored in Zoho Reports using the familiar SQL language.

Columnar database backend

The tool can scale and handle 100s of millions of rows of data for analysis & reporting. Large volume enterprises have the option to use our scalable columnar database technology as the backend.

Highly Secure

We take security seriously. Governed by strong Security Practices, including support for redundancy, backup, confidentiality & privacy to help ensure your data is secure & safe.

Mobile BI

Access and interact with the reports & dashboards that you create in Zoho Reports service, on-the-move, from your iPad. Support for other mobile platforms/devices are in the pipeline.

Big Data

Analyze your big data goldmine with ease and derive key business insights. Data can be in any big data sources like relational, NoSQL and cloud databases or your popular business apps.